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Friday, June 7, 2013



This is the fifth in a series of articles written by a number of Community of Christ Evangelists in Canada East Mission. We are pleased to offer the stories of these highly respected ministers for your reading. It is our hope that their stories of faith will bring a blessing to your life. This post is from Evangelist William McCarty of Port Elgin, Ontario.

I am a member of the Port Elgin, Ontario congregation (Canada East Mission). For the past 12 years, our congregation has sponsored a Peace Scholarship Award of  $500 to a graduating high school student. The  student must demonstrate peacemaking skills in self, family, school  and community.  We have 3 community judges plus myself as co-ordinator  representing  the church. Two of our judges are retired elementary and high school teachers,  the third community judge is a retired nuclear engineer who has received many local and provincial awards for outstanding volunteerism. Eric has opened many doors for us where previously we had no contact. We have met some outstanding students over the past 12 years. The high school has been very supportive in this endeavour.  At the award assembly each June, there are approximately 1000 students plus teachers and families.  I am given 5 minutes to give the presentation, but stretch that to 8-10 minutes in which I try to connect the International Peace Award to our local Peace Scholarship Award,  as in our Canadian recipients of the World Church’s Peace Award to Craig Klineberger and Jean Vanier.
One of our last recipients  was Angie who shared with the community judges of needing to bridge an understanding between her divorced mother and father and her younger siblings. At such a young age of 18, this young woman bore her testimony of the  presence of Christ’s peace.
This year, as we were interviewing students who had made submissions to the peace award, we met Emily. We noticed on her backpack a patch that  read  ALLY. During our interview, we asked Emily what the patch meant. She explained that if anyone was being bullied, discriminated against, or needed a friend to talk to, she would be a friend and a safe place to share.
I believe it is one of our callings to be an ally to those who feel oppressed, lonely, or fearful. Let us be like Emily and provide a sanctuary of peace to those who are searching for an ally.

In Grace and Peace,

William McCarty

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