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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Healed of Hatred


This is the fourth in a series of articles written by a number of Community of Christ Evangelists in Canada East Mission. We are pleased to offer the stories of these highly respected ministers for your reading. It is our hope that their stories of faith will bring a blessing to your life. This post is from Evangelist Larry Galbraith of Ottawa, Ontario.

Several years ago, following a church meeting a mother came up to me very upset and depressed. She shared that recently her teenaged daughter had been accosted by a man who was now in custody and awaiting trial. Her heart was filled with hurt, anger and revenge. She was even feeling hatred toward God and she was suffering greatly. She did not know how she and her daughter could face this man in court. Her peace in Christ was gone and she felt desolate and alone.

Another Elder and myself ushered her into the sanctuary where it was quiet and offered her administration to ease her anguish. As we presented her to God, His Holy Spirit enveloped us in a blanket of warmth, love, understanding and forgiveness all in one. This mother was wrapped in a warm glow of peace and acceptance. We all felt His Divine Presence and her soul was healed.  The sword of righteous indignation was removed from her hands. She was free from all hatred and oppression. Praise the Lord!

Evangelist Larry Galbraith
Ottawa, Ontario

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