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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Tub!

From Barb Kernohan

You never know what can happen when you invite someone to church.
Last December, Gail was invited to come to church by Pam and this time she came.
Gail continued to come and she wanted to learn more about the church. This church was quite different from the church she grew up in.
We were introduced to each other and our friendship began as I gave her many resources to read based on her questions.  She devoured everything I gave her and I tried to answer her questions to the best of my abilities.
We met at different places including Tim Horton’s and then as she grew in her knowledge she decided we needed another place to share, so off to Pakenham and Almonte to share and enjoy the waterfalls.
The trip to Perth was another opportunity to discuss baptism once again.  Two of the questions that came up asked where and when, and I offered some different options including the hot tub at the Women’s Retreat, as we would both be participating.
As I was journaling during the week, the words “Let the Spirit breathe” came to me.  If anyone knows me I am not the most patient person in the world.
At the Women’s Retreat in Lanark, I spoke to the owner Jeannette about baptism as she was filling the Hot Tub and learned it had been used for that purpose before.
During the movie on Saturday evening I felt I should go to the Hot Tub and there were three ladies in it.  The water was not too hot and definitely not too cold. 
I spoke to Pam our co-pastor as she would be doing the baptism as I have had some problems with my arm and shoulder.  After speaking with Gail and sharing the possibility of her baptism, it was decided that it would take place after the retreat was over.
After lunch, many of the ladies stayed to be a part of the baptismal service.  They formed a circle of love around the Hot Tub.  Prayer was offered, the story about Jesus baptism was shared and a solo was sung by Christine.  We then joined in singing “Come to the Water”.  Great joy and love filled the air, as Gail was baptized by Pam Mooney.
I urge everyone to invite someone to church.  You just never know what lies ahead.



  1. I read Barb's eloquent words, and felt moved to add my own as well.

    I was so happy when Barb suggested at the Women's Retreat that I be baptized at the end of it. I couldn't believe so many women stayed for it! It was very moving to me, Barb's words, Christine singing so beautifully, and then everyone.

    It was outside, cool and green and brown, with the women standing in a circle. It was powerful.

    I was cold, wearing a tee shirt and shorts, but one of the women lent me her shawl while we listened, and I felt cared for. Then it was time; I was nervous! I gave the shawl back, and approached the tub. People were helping me to step up, and Pam was there standing in the water, giving me her hand. I don't remember everything, but holding Pam's hand, she said the words, then I was submerged, and pulled up. It's indescribable how I felt, almost stunned. I remember wiping my eyes, and sitting in the warm water which was comforting. Then I was getting out, someone handed me a towel, and I think more words were spoken, or sung? It's a blur to me. I knew I felt different, but wasn't sure how.

    Later on, I noticed I was looking at people differently, really noticing them. I felt vulnerable, new, and this has stayed with me. I'm changing, still the same person, but different.

    I had never seen a submerged baptism before, and wasn't sure what to expect. It was a beautiful, powerful, shared experience that I am very grateful for. Thank you Barb for making the arrangements, Pam for calming me and performing the baptism, and everyone there who helped make it so special.


    1. Gail,

      How lovely to read your testimony of your baptismal experience. I'm so pleased that this was positive for you. May your life in the community always be that way.




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