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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have watched with some interest the celebrations of the Queen’s jubilee marking 60 years on the throne of Britain and the Commonwealth.  In the moments I have been able to observe the festivities on television, it has been wonderful to see people celebrating together in the streets and forming immediate community with others who have come to stand in the rain if necessary, watch for a glimpse of her Majesty, and cheer their hearts out.  The fact that CBC has provided hours of uninterrupted coverage of this event has been blessed relief from the usual bad and gloomy news that is the normal diet served up by our news broadcasters. 

Even more gratifying was to listen to the sermon of thanksgiving presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury on Tuesday morning, EDT.  It was lovely to hear him define what it means to be dedicated, and to describe the Queen’s 60 years of service in exactly those terms.  It was lovely.  His quoting of St. Paul, and his description of the Queen's generous service is inspiring, and causes one to look at the depth of our one's dedication, and that to which we are dedicated.  The Archbishop invites us to exactly this kind of reflection as he ends his tribute with the following words.

Dedication to the health and well-being of a community is all this and more. May we be given the grace to rediscover this as we give thanks today for Her Majesty's sixty years of utterly demanding yet deeply joyful service.

You can read the full text of  his remarks here if you wish.  I highly recommend it.

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