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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There is a story about a stream that flowed around many obstacles until it arrived at a desert. The stream tried to cross but its waters disappeared in the sand.

The stream heard a voice. It said “The wind crosses the desert. So can the stream.”

The stream protested, “The wind can fly but I cannot.”

The voice responded, “Let yourself be absorbed by the wind.”

The stream rebelled. “I want to remain the same stream I am today.”

“Not possible,” said the voice. “But your essence can be carried away and become a stream again. You’ve forgotten your essence.”

The stream remembered dimly that she had once been held in the wind. She let her vapour rise into the arms of the wind, which carried it across the desert and then let it fall in the mountains. There it again became a stream.

From Leading with Soul, Lee G. Bolman and Terrence Deal

Posted by Marion


  1. Hi Marion:
    I really like the sounds of the title of the book... can you recommend it to me?

    This is a lovely story that I plan to share with our Sunday night worship tonight, which we call Streams :-)

    Matthew Swain


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