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Monday, August 8, 2011


In the morning’s early light, the sun rises just above the horizon looking for all the world like a soft red balloon. One could imagine it held on a string by the hand of a child, invisible now because of the crest of the earth. Clouds cross its face, streaking the red with blue. The scene is lovely, and I think again, as I have thought so many times, that sunrises are a special blessing for the early riser.

As I walk and watch, the clouds move increasingly across the face of the sun until it is no longer visible at all. If one didn’t know better, it would be possible to think that the sun had been swallowed up; that there would be no sun today, or perhaps that the sun did not even exist. As if! As if we could exist without that fiery orb. If there were no sun, our little planet would be a dark and frozen mass, a totally uninhabitable and terrible place.

It occurs to me that, for some, this is like our relationship with God. God is like that sun, and when It is visible to us, we can feel secure in its warmth and beauty. But sometimes we have clouds in our vision or hearts or minds, clouds of doubt or fear or perhaps worry. When the presence of God is obscured by those illusions, we may conclude that God is not there, or not listening, or perhaps doesn’t care. The truly skeptical may conclude that God does not even exist. As if! As if we could live without life itself, for is that not what God is? Is the Apostle Paul not correct in saying "In God we live and move and have our being?" (Acts 17:28)

From time to time, as I continue my walk, the clouds themselves are edged with brilliant light, making it clear that the sun still exists, burning just as brightly as it ever has. The sun is shining, even if its rays do not yet reach me. Finally it rises above the cloud, and shines with such a fierce intensity that I can no longer gaze directly upon it. Gone is the soft, early morning balloon, replaced by an intense white brightness that speaks clearly of its purpose and strength.

It is going to be a very warm day!

Posted by Carman

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