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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pen pal

Did you have a pen pal when you were a kid? I think most of us, at least of a certain generation, have the experience of having a teacher who offered the idea of corresponding with someone in some other part of the world. She or he had found some addresses or made a connection and encouraged us to select someone and to write them a letter. Maybe you did, and maybe you heard back from that new "friend." Perhaps the correspondence lasted and perhaps it didn't. Experiences vary.

But whether it was once or whether it happened for years and years, receiving that letter in the mail from someone far off was always exciting.

Today we have the Internet to connect us to people around the globe. If you're reading this blog then it's pretty likely that you have email and hear from people near and far--sometimes more than you wish for!

As I was browsing through the World Church's website I happened upon a pen-pal you might like to know. You can have regular emails directly from the desk of the President of the Church. All you have to do is sign in and every so often (he IS a busy man you know, so he can't write too, too frequently) you will receive a message.

He's very friendly you know, and loves to keep us all in touch with what's going on around the church. So go ahead. Click on the link below and sign up to receive your very own note from Brother Steve. Be sure to register so you can get the note directly in your In-Box. His last message was in mid-January, so I'm thinking we're about due for a new message. Go ahead, you'll like him.

click here to link to Steve Veazey's blog

Posted by Marion


  1. Brother Steve sent out a very interesting blog yesterday which he called "Converting Trout". I loved his humanness and sense of humour.

  2. See there-- I knew we were due for a new message :-)


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