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Monday, February 28, 2011

Peace Prayer

There are so many places in the world experiencing turmoil today--natural disasters, political unrest, hunger, persecution, war, and on and on. It seemed appropriate to reprise this post from last year. The Peace Prayer is a tradition, but it is also a plea to remember the many needs around the globe. Praying is not the only thing we can do, but it is one thing. And it unites us as we send our thoughts beyond our own need, for a time. From February 2010, as we were looking ahead to World Conference:

Peace Prayer

Many congregations have established a "peace candle" tradition. Most have been lighting their candle and offering a prayer for peace every Sunday for years and years. It's one of the ways they stay connected to the Temple and the Daily Prayer for Peace that happens there every day at one o'clock, central time.

Corinth and Windsor come to mind. I've often been there and appreciated the prayers they offer as they turn attention to Lesotho or Qatar or Lebanon or India. (There are others I know. Send me a note if you're part of this group.)

If you haven't looked at this lately, check out the link to the World Church website here for resources you can incorporate into your worship experience. It might be a tradition you'd like to revive as we approach 2010 World Conference, or as we're thinking of our global brothers and sisters in community.

If you want an even greater connection, why not consider writing a prayer for peace. Daily prayers are created by people from around the church and used in the Temple service. If you or someone you know has this gift, send them to that same link for information about how to submit your prayer.

Be part of this global phenomenon, our church praying daily for peace in the world! And be sure to let us know when your prayer is accepted so we can put it into What's the Good Word.

Posted by Marion


  1. I had the peace prayer this week.I was assigned Georgia. After some Prayerful thought I decided I just couldn't do it.I heard a great quote the other day about the best sermons being written with the scriptures in one hand and the daily paper in the other.
    I set aside the printout that we receive from the church secretary with the provided country info and attached prayer.(there are more thoughts brewing about how I dislike prayers read, let alone ones written by someone else, but I will leave that for another day)
    I spoke VERY briefly, maybe 2 minutes on the conflicts in the middle east, the hopes and worries stemming from them and then gave a simple prayer asking the Heavenly Father to work in the hearts and minds of the people who can make a difference.
    It felt right. Just my opinion.

  2. Every Sunday Brydges Street London lights our peace candle and uses the prayers from the World Church website. Also, this Friday, March 4th we will be joining other Christian churches for the World Day of Prayer, we will be meeting at Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church.
    The World Day of Prayer website is:

  3. Thanks to you both for your two perspectives.
    I think I may also have more to say in future Steve & Susan. I look forward to your participation in the ongoing conversation.


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