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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There are many possible expressions of faithful discipleship in congregational or community life. Sometimes these exist simultaneously, and sometimes one leads to another. Often new expressions grow out of one or two people’s inspired vision concerning some new thing that is possible.

This past Sunday I spent a lovely day in the Sarnia congregation renewing old acquaintances and meeting new folks; at least new to me. One thoughtful member had even had the foresight to locate and invite a former member who is a cousin of mine that I have not seen in perhaps 50 years. Consequently, I got to meet her husband and daughter, which was a delightful surprise and an unexpected blessing. The congregation shared together in worship as we contemplated some thoughts concerning our human longing for life in relationship with God. The group was small but lively, especially as we conversed together over soup and sandwiches after church.

If one looked at only the Sunday morning expression of this congregation’s life, it is not unlike many others in that it has gotten smaller recently. But Sunday morning’s formal worship service is not the only program of ministry this group of disciples has. A couple of years ago, two women of the group decided to start a youth ministry. After all, there were three young people in the congregation, and each of them had friends! So they began. If I remember the story correctly, after the first year, they had a group of twelve, including the three members. Now in their second year, the group has grown to twenty with one of those being a member. And so the congregation has developed an important new ministry of outreach to young people in their community. Well done! I can't think of a better way for you to live your discipleship. May your efforts continue to be blessed as you bless the lives of the youth who come to participate and learn.

What expressions of discipleship does your congregation have? What ones would you like to see? Is there one you feel called to begin?

Posted by Carman

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