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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


At the CEM conference of 2009, we presented a ten year plan entitled 2020 Vision. The plan included five goals, the first of which is Young Adult Leader Empowerment. Simply stated, the goal is to give our fine young adult Community of Christ leaders a chance to lead. If we are successful in this goal, we will have excellent leaders willing to take the church into the future. If we do not succeed, we will have a problem. We are actively working at that goal.

Last Friday evening, a group of young adult leaders got together to work on the plans for an upcoming event; the 1st Presidency’s VISION PROJECT. On November 12-14, 2010, young adults from across CEM will gather at the downtown Toronto church for a weekend of fun and conversation with President Becky Savage. This planning team met to make sure we will be ready, and to determine if we had answered the appropriate questions.

  • How many registrations do we have so far? Twelve, but it is early yet.
  • Have we contacted all young adults in CEM? Not everybody? Well we had better get on it then!
  • Do we have cooks? Yes.
  • Do we have childcare for those who need it? Yes.
  • Do we have sleeping accommodations? Yes, there are 22 cots at the church, and some will sleep elsewhere.
  • Do we have people to lead great fun activities? Yes.
  • Do we have people to lead the workshop sessions? Yes.
  • Do we have people to plan and lead worship activities? Yes.
  • Are those who come really going to enjoy this weekend together? YES!

    It is a pleasure for me to watch these young adult leaders in action. I am there to answer questions if needed, and to offer support, but mostly I am there to listen. I can sit back and let them lead. By being present, I know what the plans are and that the bases are covered. If they need my help, they have it, but mostly they don’t. They are capable, gifted leaders. I am grateful for their willingness and their gifts.

    Shortly, this team will send a small poster to each congregational pastor to be posted at church to help promote this event. Whether you see the poster or not, why not encourage young adults of your acquaintance to come? They will be blessed because they did, and I firmly believe, so will the church.

    Are there young adult leaders in your area? Are they being empowered to lead? If not, can you help? Don’t be afraid to let us know who they are and we will try to help too.

    Posted by Carman

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