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Monday, October 18, 2010


Last Saturday’s Canada East Mission conference was a truly remarkable day. There were many aspects of this day that I found personally gratifying. I will resist the temptation of do a “top ten” format, as it might risk trivializing such a meaningful day, but a few of the highlights for me are as follows.

First of all, Trinity United Church in Guelph was practically full for the event, even though there was no controversial legislation. There appears to be a high level of interest, both in the proceedings of the day and in the success of our mission. These are encouraging signs.

Second, the content of the President’s Report seemed to resonate with many people in the congregation. That is always very gratifying, since during the months of preparation, you are never sure just how it will be received. Many seemed to understand and relate to the update on CEM goals. To me, this provides more confirmation of the truth and appropriateness of the conference theme, Mission Possible! Consequently, the 2011 CEM budget was passed without a hitch.

Third, we had fun. We were able to enjoy a little good-spirited banter and humor at appropriate times during the day, with no one feeling hurt or frustrated. We also experienced joy in the principle cause of celebration for the day. Nine calls to senior priesthood ministry were presented and approved, with many fine confirming testimonies of the appropriateness of those calls. The conference worship and ordination service, planned and led by some of our fine young adult leaders, was one of the nicest services I have been part of for a long, long time. The Spirit of Love and Peace, so obvious in the ordination service, appears to have touched and inspired many people who were present. Praise God!

I have received several emails and many comments from folks who were present and truly touched by the spirit of the day. I appreciate their kindness, but am even more grateful that people found the day so inspiring.

IN CEM, we have begun to explore anew the path of the disciple; this time seeking to understand and get on with our mission. To paraphrase a sermon from then President Grant McMurray, “We are packed and ready for the journey; won’t you come?

Posted by Carman

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