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Friday, October 15, 2010


I am writing this post on Thursday, so it will probably be old news by the time you read it, but I still think it is worth a comment or two.

This morning, as yesterday morning, the news is all about the successful rescue of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for the past 69 days. In fact, yesterday I don’t think there was any other news! Even the Commonwealth games hardly got a passing mention on the Canadian news channels, and that is highly unusual. Today the rescue is the lead story, but the closing ceremony of the games will also be covered at least, and there will be some handwringing over the fact that Canada only came away with 75 medals. I guess things are returning to normal (sigh).

But it is amazing and wonderful to have such a good news story so fully occupy the attention of broadcast journalists and news anchors, not just here but around the world. It is really quite refreshing. It is lovely to see Chileans proudly waving their flags, and celebrating this successful rescue. Little wonder they are so excited; after all, the entire world is watching. Most of the world probably didn’t know where Chile is, let alone know anything about this remarkable country.

The rescue has given the people of Chile much to feel good about, and clearly they do. Of course they have much to be proud of anyway, but the rescue has given them a reason to hold a wonderful celebration, which I heard described as the “World’s biggest street party.” As the balloons rise, the champagne corks pop, and the streamers fly, our hearts celebrate with the people of Chile. Our congratulations, prayers of gratitude and good wishes join with theirs. Well done! Chile is definitely the good word of the day.

So party on Chile; you deserve it, and may the joy you feel this day last a long long time!
Posted by Carman

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