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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you agree with me that this appears to be a "season of choices"? Maybe it's always, and maybe it's just all those election signs lining my every route these days that are bringing it to my attention, but it seems to me that I'm being faced with an inordinate number of choices to be made these days.

If only it were as simple as "chicken or ham" or potatoes "mashed, baked or scalloped" or even do I want my pumpkin as soup, pie, cheesecake or squares. But no, life is full of very hard choices! For example, in regards all those election signs. I'd be very pleased to be offered a choice among several qualified candidates. Instead I'm offered a choice among several angry or spiteful politicians. I do wish, especially around my city council table, for some people who offer a possibility of civility and cooperation, some indication of a willingness to listen and to compromise. I can't imagine how our town can move into an uncertain future without it.

We had an interesting discussion here last week about the rationale for using Fair Trade coffee. I appreciated Rod Downing's post with some help to make the best choice there. And I very much wanted to note Joan Thompson's post about making ethical choices whenever I make a decision to purchase something.

Here's what she said: I think about this "fair trade" concept in other areas as well. For almost everything I purchase, I have the choice between purchasing it from a store which offers lower prices - but which does so because it insists on lower wages all along the supply chain. Or I can willingly shop at another store, pay a higher price, but know that more fair wages have been paid all along the chain. I hope that some day I can make all my purchases ethical ones.

This was a good reminder for me that not all my choices are frivolous ones and that I need to make myself as informed or enlightened or careful as I can be in those times when it is possible to make my choice responsibly.

So tell us, dear readers, are there choices you're thinking about? What issues are giving you pause to reflect today about making ethical choices?

Posted by Marion

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