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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Many of my friends and family have been on the road lately, it seems. Maybe it's just that it's summer and there are so many places to go, people to see. I know at one point there, a large percentage of my immediate family was on the road. And I realized that some part of my brain was always aware and engaged about it and at least a little anxious until I got the message (usually on facebook!) that they were home again and safe.

I spend a fair bit of time on the road myself. Yesterday I went to Niagara Falls for lunch! And this morning I'm off to visit with another congregational leader about some concerns and some ideas and some plans for the coming season. I shall be on the road for a good part of this day.

I seldom worry about my safety on my own road trips. I try to take care, to make sure my car is well-maintained; I stay off the big, fast highways whenever it's possible, but not for any sense of worry or care. I just like to travel the back ways when I can to enjoy the scenery of this amazing and beautiful part of the world I live in.

The road is a place I can and do lots of thinking, planning, meditating. I love the company of the CBC and like the fact that I can follow the same conversation by flipping the dial a little to the next local broadcast area. I like traveling alone so I can make the pleasant contacts with strangers along the way; I'd not likely do that in company. But I also like the opportunity to visit or talk more deeply when I'm traveling with a companion. So that works too.

The road is a very comfortable metaphor most of us use and understand. We're all on a road to somewhere. Life is a road that everyone travels. It holds both predictability and surprise, danger and delight. Whichever road you find yourself on today may it be a good one for you and may you arrive safe and blessed by the journey.

Posted by Marion

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