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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend two family picnics. This was made possible by the fact that both were being held in the same park on the same day. In either case, I had not attended the picnic for many years. Each picnic represented a different part of my extended family, and in both cases, these were groups that I had almost lost touch with.

Attending the first picnic was facilitated by an older cousin who went to the trouble to track down my phone number through mutual acquaintances. She then attempted to contact me, leaving a voice mail as when and where the picnic was happening. Had she not done that, I would certainly not have attended, but since she went to that much trouble, I decided Joan and I could take a Saturday off and go. I’m very glad we did.

As to the second picnic, that was a matter of pure serendipity. This time it was me who took the initiative. It took several attempts to get a phone number for a member of this family group, but when I called, I discovered that she was already en route to the same town and the same park where I was going! They were also having a picnic, and we were immediately and enthusiastically invited. Despite our surprise, we promised to find them there.

Having not seen either family for many years, there were many changes, most of which I was unaware of. Most obvious and most predictable, all of us were older than when last we had seen each other. I also learned that a few older members of both groups had died, and a few others were dealing with declining health. There were a number of new marriages or partnerships, and also some new babies. Perhaps most surprising, a young lady whose wedding I had performed some years ago, and whom I still remembered as a young adult, now proved to be a grandmother! Surprise!

Both picnics contributed to a most enjoyable day. It was lovely to connect with these two communities again, and a blessing to meet new and even more distant relatives. I also had opportunity to share a little about my work and ministry. At the end of it all, I realize that it wouldn’t have happened without that one cousin successfully pursuing my phone number, which prompted me to do some pursuing of my own. I am grateful for her effort.

Perhaps you, like me, have phone calls you have been meaning to make, or letters you have been meaning to write. Perhaps there are names or faces that appear in your heart and mind that you think you really ought to contact. If this rings true for you, why not give it a try? Who knows what blessings may await in friendships renewed and ministry given? While we cannot know what might happen if we follow this prompting, the results may well be wonderful! Why not give it a try?

Posted by Carman

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