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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I recently read a book by a man who had technically died during surgery, and then was revived. Like many who have had this happen, the author claimed to have had a remarkable encounter with the Divine. Said more plainly, this man claimed to have actually heard the voice of God. He did not share all the words of this revelatory experience with the reader, claiming much of it was too personal, however he observed that this experience had become the centre of his existence and had changed him in so many ways. He now tries to be a better husband, father, minister and friend. He has also become much more generous.

It seems logical that revelation should always has this kind of impact on us, whether on a personal, individual basis or on the church as a whole. After all, receiving counsel from the Divine is not something that happens to most of us every day.

Generally the impact of a revelatory experience seems to be pretty immediate when the insight is new, but over time, its impact on our thinking may lessen somewhat. Currently, Doctrine and Covenants section 164 is poised to affect the church powerfully in a variety of ways over the next few years. It will, no doubt, always be an important document.

When Section 163 was given, I felt the counsel contained in its verses had a lot to say to the church. I still think that, and I really don’t think we have begun to put its wisdom into practice yet. It is to be hoped that Section 164 will not overshadow the wisdom contained within its words.

I believe section 163:2b in particular has a lot to teach the church. This verse contains two sentences, and generally the first one gets most of the attention.

Generously share the invitation, ministries, and sacraments through which people
can encounter the Living Christ who heals and reconciles through redemptive
relationships in sacred community.
As important as that is, it is the next sentence that has grasped me more.

The restoring of persons to healthy or righteous relationships with God, others,
themselves, and the earth is at the heart of the purpose of your journey as a
people of faith.

The heart of the purpose of our journey…nothing less than that! In other words, the restoring of persons to healthy or righteous relationships with God, others, themselves, and the earth is what the church is all about! Am I the only one who thinks this little gem is amazing? In that one little sentence lies the essence of what the church is called to do. It is our purpose; our reason for being. It needs to inform all we do.

May encounter with the Divine always be at the centre of our existence as a people of faith, and may we always understand the purpose of our journey.

Have a blessed day today.

Posted by Carman

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