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Friday, July 16, 2010


If you don't occasionally glance over there to the left of this page to see other Blogs we're following, I want to remind you to do that. Carol Howard Merritt, one of my favourite authors on the issue of encouraging/mentoring/nurturing young adult church leaders is talking about creating a legacy. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so.

For quite some time I've been considering what I should be doing with all these great books that surround me. Sometime over the next several months I will be disposing of most of them. It's nearing the time for me to down-size in a major way. Most of my reference books will not be needed when I no longer visit congregations and consult with pastors and other congregation and reunion/retreat/camping leaders.

I spent a wonderful day recently in a congregational library helping sort, organize and toss the books that had been assembled there. I also made some suggestions for building up the library. I would really love to do this kind of work in some of the other libraries I've seen. I too would love it if our congregational libraries were better used, had wonderful resources available for members there. And I would happily bequeath my books to any librarian who undertakes the job. (Perhaps I should say, the vocation!)

Give me a call, if you're interested in tackling your congregation's library. I have a system that will help you get started. And I will reward you with a donation of current, highly recommended books to assist your task. I'll call it my Legacy Project.

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