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Thursday, May 6, 2010


One of the words we talked about for a bit in the Fired Up! mission statement conversation was surprise. In the final version, this word didn't make the cut. But this is not to say that the concept isn't still very much alive and well, there and elsewhere!

The word the Fired Up! folk went with was "open." They want to remain open to whatever way God wants to speak to them, or to experiences and opportunities and to people who come their way. I applaud them. But I hope they are ready to be surprised. Because that's what I see happening all around. And I'm beginning to be convinced that the Spirit they're open to works by surprise.

People and congregations who try to stay in control, or on top of things, wary of moving too far out of the box, leery of spontenaity or unpredictability are most likely to speak of being weary or over-busy or stressed-out. But folks who are open to being surprised tend to feel more hope, to expect things to work out, to roll with the punches more easily.

Here's a link to a sermon about just this idea. Remember that sheet God surprised Peter with in Acts 11? That was just a small part of the surprises he and the new church had to deal with! History is filled with just such surprises; so why would we not expect the same?

Open your eyes; expect to be surprised! Then send us a note about what you're seeing that is surprising you today. Let's share our stories. I'm betting there are a ton of them. Can't wait to read yours!

Posted by Marion


  1. My surprize this morning was this post re: Peter - very early this morning I was reading about Peter and his vision. I am in themidst of preparing a reunion class for boys + 1 girl. They need a lesson that will keep their attention and this should do it. I will also be using Paul's transformation, jailbreak and shipwreck and snake bite. We might get Paul to Rome if there is time.


  2. I have been surprised by God's Spirit many times the latest being on Good Friday. The phone call from Mary Jacks Dynes to tell me of my call to High Priest/Evangelist was such a surprise it took my breath away and my words too! Not that God was not preparing me, I just wasn't listening. That phone call was such a surprise because after some health issues last year I thought there wasn't much more I could do. Even the health issues were preparing me to move in a different direction. Wow I love God's surprises.


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