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Monday, May 24, 2010


Some members of my family are great Star Wars fans. They can talk together about it for hours, indeed the conversation has been ongoing for years! There is just so much to say about that mythic story.

It is a myth, you know. That's why there is so much to say about it. It has layers and layers of meaning all wrapped up in images and plot lines and metaphors. One of the key elements of the movie is the Force.

What is this "Force" that pervades the story, that must be learned or experienced or understood? I'll leave that question to the Star Warriors among you. But as I've listened to those conversations, even had the wish "may the Force be with you" addressed to me a time or two, I suspect there is a link to what Christians call Spirit.

This Sunday the Christian calendar recognized Pentacost--the celebration of the Spirit entering the life of the post-Easter Christian community. Whether we imagine it as a wind, or fire or breath of God, or comforter, guide or protector, the Spirit is a force we cannot do without. Christianity through the centuries has painted itself red at this season. Christians sing and dance and give in to the urge to party in celebration of the coming of the Spirit into our community with new urgency.

We in this part of the world are welcoming summer with all its energy with a long weekend of summery activity. Let us not let ourselves get lazy or lethargic. This is not just a season for relaxing; it's a time to renew our strength for great things to come. It's a time to respond to whatever the Spirit is calling us to do.

As we consider this new season of warmth and wind and energy, let us put away our lesser selves and let the Force be with us!

Posted by Marion

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