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Friday, April 30, 2010


Do you remember that sign people used to have in their office? It just had one word: THINK.

Today, I'm thinking about thinking. On this Blog we've talked quite alot about goals and vision and setting priorities. You may have created some of those for yourself, or for your congregations. We here at this office urge you to do those things. They're good things to have. They set direction, give you focus, ensure you're working on "what matters most," also words you've often read here.

I've written, quite recently, about the importance of acting. But today, I'm thinking about how important it is to give yourself time to think.

I once had a boss who advised me to hold my phone to my ear if I were spending time in thought. She had learned that it was best to give the appearance of doing something! Fortunately, my current boss understands and values the time I spend in thought. (At least, if he doesn't, this post will give him the opportunity to raise his concerns to me.)

I feel blessed not to need to justify how much of my job entails spending time in serious thinking, not meditation, not stragegizing, not planning--although all those elements are also important--just thinking.

It's one of the lessons I've learned. Being overly driven to be engaged in some kind of activity without the prerequisite thought can be really, really counterproductive. There is a certain balance required. For the past few weeks I've been part of a group thinking about the future of our fledgling Fired Up! congregation. One of the insights we've gathered is that we believe we'll gain much by spending this early time waiting to act, finding our footing, discerning good directions for this group.

It's always a challenge to know when to stop thinking and start doing. But I believe there's more damage to be done by not spending enough time in thought. What do you think?

Posted by Marion

1 comment:

  1. I read something recently that suggested we often believe we are thinking, when in reality we are merely letting idle thoughts drift through our brains! (Who knows where they come from?) It is an interesting idea, and even more fun to pay attention and watch how often this actually happens!

    Of course that is not the kind of thinking you are talking about. That is serious thought! And you are correct, we do value that a great deal. So...keep thinking. :)



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