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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


At the Temple and Auditorium, the trees are in full bloom. The ornamental pear trees that line the parking lots are laden with white blossoms, giving off their abundant fragrance. It is lovely; a promise of shade in the hot, mid-west summer to come.

Yesterday, I noticed a sheltered area of the World Plaza where the wind had swirled a pile of these small white petals. In the middle of this collection sat a small child, playing with delight. Her mother, a young woman I knew when she was a student at Graceland, explained that they live in Arizona, and this was as close to snow as the little girl could get.

If this scene sounds lovely, it is…to a point. Besides the obvious beauty and promise there are also other effects. The pollen given off by these blossoms has my eyes irritated, inflamed and itchy. Several times I have noticed people, especially from one particular cultural group, who do not like the smell of these blossoms. As they pass through the trees, you can often see them holding a scarf across their faces, or holding their nostrils to avoid or minimize the offending fragrance.

Isn’t it interesting that something that is so welcome to so many; a scene of beauty, potential and promise, can be so irritating at the same time? And most interesting of all, sometimes both the beauty and the irritation are experienced by the same people!

How like new ideas this is. The Counsel to the Church, presented by President Stephen Veazey, holds potential and promise for some, and irritation and discomfort for others. For some, it provides both at the same time. Perhaps that is just the way it is in God’s world.

Today, may you experience the beauty and potential that is everywhere in life. If that potential also proves irritating or unsettling, try to live through it. Look for the small child that knows none of this, but plays with delight in the midst of it all. And above all, know you are blessed today.

Posted by Carman

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