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Monday, April 26, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been full of impressions and news from World Conference from both of your CEM Bloggers. We really appreciate the comments and conversations that have followed. It's pretty evident that many of you are feeling called and motivated to be about the business of "what matters most."

I'm happy to report that it's much more than good feeling that is sweeping across our Mission, but also a very real willingness to prepare to offer ministry in response to those promptings.

As I'm writing this there are seventeen or eighteen ministers preparing themselves to offer marriage ministry. Russ and Mary Pirie have been helping to make the wedding day, and more importantly, the marriage preparation experience as positive as possible for many years. We are so fortunate that they have made their own personal professional preparation available to our ministers who will be called to this important sacramental work.

Next week all the volunteers who will staff this summer's camps, reunions and retreats will gather with our newly formed Camping Commissioners at Stratford for Camp Staff Training Day. This day is just one important point on a long journey of preparation to ensure CEM children, youth and adults have an amazing camping experience. Much preparation has already happened; much more is yet to take place. Saturday, May 1 is a great opportunity to share ideas, to network and to magnify the individual preparation of each one by pulling together.

If you're going to be part of the staff for any of those events, please make it an urgent matter to join us as we all prepare together!

Posted by Marion

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