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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Friday, November 6, 2009


Rock is one of those many, many English words that can have lots of meanings. In fact, it's a word that can have opposite meanings.

For example, we think of a rock as something stable, solid, unmoving as in a solid rock foundation or Rock of Ages.

Or it can mean a gentle movement as in rock-a-bye baby or a peacefully rocking boat or grandma's rocking chair.

It might suggest a terrific violent experience as in the explosion rocked the neighbourhood or new information rocked his faith.

Some people love the sound of rock music and consider it the highest compliment to say or hear you rock!

I'm off this Sunday to meet with Jesus Rocks! our little emerging congregation in downtown Hamilton. I'll let you know what I encounter there. I'm excited to have this chance to get to meet some folks in this group I haven't yet met. And to hold up Lynn Aquin in her leadership role there.

I leave you now for the weekend with this little message

"Rock On!"

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