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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I remember hearing once that "Feedback is the breakfast of champions"!

I'm so grateful for all the comments that are coming in to our good word blog reports about the things that are happening around our mission. We know you're out there reading and thinking about the things we're telling you. It's really heartening to feel your encouragement.

This week is a pretty special week as our dozen CPI pastors are in the middle of their first, very intense, formation week. You should see them digging into their scriptures, into the Bible dictionaries and commentaries. (Diane actually took a volume of the New Interpreter's Bible Commentary to her room after the movie tonite!) What dedication!

Be sure to let them know you appreciate the effort they're making to equip themselves to be better servant ministers. It's not enough that we all know you appreciate them; it's so much more energizing to hear that kind of feedback. Or to read it in an e-mail or on facebook or maybe even a note. I know some of you still do that. I have a special box where I keep and treasure the cards and notes you send to me.

Of course, the best is that you're out there doing the things we're reporting!

And we'll keep spreading the good word of all those great things you do. Then let's all remember that important principle: feedback! It's the breakfast of champions!

PS Kudos to our amazing instructors Don Compier and Art Smith and to Doug Bolger, our esteemed Coordinator. You are all the BEST!


  1. CPI is a lot more than the ministers who take the courses. There are the countless many who fill in the gaps in these congregations while CPI training takes place. Cuddos to all those who help to make this program a possibility. In 5 years we are growing future leaders and servants for the Lord.

  2. Thanks to all who are participating, both as 'students' and those assiting in the learning process, by providing and sharing their knowledge, and talents with others.
    My prayers are that the CPI will be able to be offered again to a 'new' group of pastors and others interested in strenghtening their leadership skills in their journey of serving God, His church, His people, and the community


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