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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello everyone out there reading our Blog! For several days now I've been part of the "lurking" readership. (Thanks Carman for a very exciting series.) Today I thought I'd talk about this name given to those of us who read but don't comment--lurker.

Many people have shared with me that they've been reading along with the blog postings. And that's good! Sometimes they add a sheepish confession that they aren't smart enough, or technical enough, or quick write a response.

I just want to assure all you lurkers that I don't mind a bit. You too have a place in Blog-world. Of course I will encourage you --have even done so from time to time in the blog posts themselves--to screw up your courage and post a Comment about what you're reading there.

But the reading itself is valuable and valued. The conversations you have at the dinner table, or at the priesthood meeting or in the adult class, or via the blog post copied and posted on the bulletin board or in the Sunday bulletin (thanks Woodfield!) are part of the greater conversation going on in our extended community.

One of these days we'll post some statistics about just how extended our community is. Ask around for yourself. How many of your friends have joined the circle? Tell them about it if they haven't. Do join the conversations that are going on there, and someday, let's hear from you too.

Meanwhile, I salute all you lurkers out there. Enjoy your status as a significant, probably even the largest, part of our What's the Good Word world.


  1. Marion:

    Lurkers are good!

    Every now and then we are inspired to contribute, but mostly we just read and refelect. With the release of the new "Lew" special web site I think you will first get more Lurkers, but also more contributors.

    Each congregation now needs to promote this new web site with their members and get them signeed up for news, blogs, calendars and schedules. Only then will we be able to rely on the web news, blogs and calendars as our primary source of communication.

    Lets not keep this a secret!

    Mel Mills

  2. Sharing - random but connected thoughts from a lurker- just shared half of my cup of cafe au lait with my husband who is getting ready to attend the funeral of the 21 year old son of a former work colleague who was killed in a car accident- hubby will share my condolences too; as I washed my dishes, I watched a large downy woodpecker share the birdfeeder with several small nuthatches without chasing each other away as often happens - good for you!, I thought, then noticed how dirty the window was and that the feeder was almost empty-seeds are on the shopping list but I could be seeing even more clearly if I didn' t have this mote in my eye; ....had just written on my calendar a reminder about the special "Night in Bethlehem" event at the Ottawa church this Sunday and was wondering if - no, hoping that more people will arrive than have actually registered officially - was thinking that the snack coordinator will always prepare more than "not quite enough" - what a strange idea that would be in our congregation! - and of course we will welcome with open arms and big smiles those who just didn't know or forgot or meant to register... we'll give them a scarf or a bathrobe to wear if they want one and invite them to share in this first celebration of the coming Christmas season - no, not coming - it is here now and always! yeah!! Let's wash our windows, bring out our extra costumes, remind and invite our families and friends where our energy comes from and keep on sharing our joys and sorrows!


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