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Monday, October 26, 2009


As Peter Trueman used to say "this is not news, but it is reality." Our folks really do like to sing!It's the thing we've got the most feedback about our recent mission conference--people didn't get to sing as they'd hoped to. OK people! We've made a note.

While we're on the subject though, let me say some other things about "singing." It's one of those areas where tastes vary. While we may really, really like to sing, we also want to sing certain things. Some of us are very reluctant to try anything unfamiliar. Or anything that doesn't feel right somehow. And who knows what makes things feel right or wrong in the realm of singing?

I noted some research on the topic of how our brains work that looked into the areas affected by music. They were examining how music that gets plugged directly into the ear takes certain paths and creates tracks that can endure forever. People are very much motivated by where and when those tracks get laid down. Their emotions and relationships and feelings about everything are tied to those tracks. Young brain tracks get very set and can exert control over us forever! (Even when we're old a gray...) Wow!

I listened to Peter Mansbridge interviewing Anne Murray about her just-released autobiography and her decision to retire--to stop singing! I don't think Peter believed her, but she seemed pretty certain.

"How will you feel about not singing?"
"Oh I'll feel fine. I've had enough of it. I'm tired of singing and I look forward to not doing it."

Too bad she wasn't at our Conference. She would have enjoyed it.

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