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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Two separate people in two separate congregations were talking in my hearing about the church library.

One was lamenting the location of the church library. Apparently it's in a side room and not very visible to the congregation; therefore, according to the speaker, isn't used nearly as much as it should be.

The other told of a converstion ongoing involving the highly-motivated young librarian to remove some of the old or out-dated books that she felt were clogging up the shelves and giving an "old and out-dated" message to potential readers. The other party to this conversation was a long-time member whose dad's and granddad's books had been donated to the library and whose memory he was determined to preserve.

It does seem that our church librarys do carry this additional "responsibility" of being a respository for some pretty ancient tomes. Sometimes it may be a blessing that these books tend not to be read!

What's the conversation around your church library? Is it visible? Is it current? Is someone looking out for it who cares for the books and cares for the "message" it conveys?

How do you access the best and most current church literature? And does your church's library play a role in that for your congregation? You may be getting a message here that this is something I'm thinking about, so you may be reading more in postings to come.

Happy reading everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Libraries, are one of my favorite places, as I love to read, always have one or two books on the go. I have so many books in my personal library, that I needed to give many away. As for a library at the congregation I attend, I believe there are a few books in the Pastor's Study, which in my humble opinion, makes it feel that the books in there, are for the pastor, and other priesthood, not for the general membership.


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