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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

"Well, I had good intentions" is a well meaning expression of woulda, coulda, shoulda dimensions

We all aspire to in our better moments, to do, to be, to give, to call, to visit, to help........

Intentions often are mind games that never get realized, never get legs, never get started......

In our sacred community, word becomes flesh when our feet hit the ground, when the rubber hits the road. All these idioms get the message across that what we envision is only a pipe dream until we act upon what we visualized and said we were going to do.

The notion of intention becomes "intentional", when shared with another person. I have previously blogged about participating in a 2x2 partnership to actualize your idea which now becomes a plan. In our church heritage, missionaries went out in pairs. (2x2) We need to reactivate this approach which enables us to both become a catalyst for another and to accomplish the task you envisioned. 

In the 90's, I was dealing with stress at work and walking was one means to release the tension. I found it so difficult to motivate myself to get out there and go for a walk every day. John Morgan lived in the neighbourhood. Before 6am we would meet to walk together and our time became one of my favourite times of the day. Our discussions opened our minds and generated numerous ideas, events and resources. The reality was, that which I was unable to do for myself was actualized as John offered to partner with me in walking. This 2x2 partnership became a blessing in our lives in multiple ways that even extended into the lives of others. 

Ideas and programs at Church so often stall or completely fade away when life happens to our schedules, time and energy. Believe me, it takes an extremely compelled person to "bring to pass" as the Bible says, ideas at church. Even when we take training and Temple School courses and good causes are at stake, we often get caught up in sports, evening TV, books, shopping, almost anything that slides in higher on the priority list than a church function or participatory activity that might stretch you somewhat. We all need a 2x2 partner. This one step in our lives will transform our capability to be intentional. Our "capacity" to become that person we want to be happens before our very eyes.

I challenge everyone without exception, as we can all enhance our lives through this model, to find a 2x2 partner that will take you the next mile, the next stage in your life, in your discipleship. When we make that companionship a sacred relationship that deepens in meaningful ways, our lives will change. In the process of changing our lives the church will change right before our eyes as well. Don't allow the woulda, coulda, shoulda mentality to stop you from doing this one critical thing! It doesn't need to be a person who lives close by. Phone, email, Skype will start the ball rolling. Just make sure you both know it is a 2x2 relationship and you want to achieve a mutual plan that you follow through with. Schedule the times together to work your plan. Be a catalyst for others to do the same. If there are multiple partnerships in place then you all become follow-up motivators affirming one another.

In the picture above, Jesus is recruiting partners. He was an inclusive recruiter. I am sure he could have fulfilled his Divine purposes on his own, but.....he called others to participate with him. Discipleship is a covenant partnership that is not a solo activity or it either burns out or never gets started. Pray about this right now and write a possible partner's name on a piece of paper and stick it on your keyboard so you don't forget. Direct them to this blog and get started. I just did it myself.

In the internet world some ideas, videos, happenings go viral. If there is one thing I would like to see multiply in that manner it is this. It just takes you to launch it now!

God Bless your intentions into reality!

submitted by Kerry

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