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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sacred Words, Sacred Community

A word.....the stringing together of a few letters, then the coupling of words into a phrase, the grouping of a collection of phrases into a paragraph and a series of these into a story that holds the heart and soul with vivid expressions of meaning. How wondrous to be able to share yourself through words or to receive a heartfelt array of words from another to see through their eyes. Sometimes I catch myself writing without being mindful. It is easy to write Happy Birthday on a card and leave it at that. The gesture will be received with gratitude. But then I think, what if......I shared a bit of my soul, what if......I listened within to what might touch that person and create a phrase they will read once more or twice because it connects with them, where they recognize those words were painted upon the page like it was an easel to express the inner depth of friendship or love or hope or joy that dwells within and between us.

Your words are there to be crafted and shared. They can be taken for granted or chosen with care. They can be hurtful, cruel and demeaning or blessed, affirming and uplifting. They are the web that binds us together yet frees us. They are the glue of relationships.

As we reflect upon the past week and the social media flurry of words that I and others have publicly displayed on a tapestry of feelings, let us pause and know that that which we phrase reflects our soul. Have we shared from our heart, have we edified one another in our exchanges of words. Let us discover the sacred in our words. Let them be empowered with sacramental meaning. As we so speak may we also flesh out those words with actions that make them real beyond utterance, lived out in dynamic acts of humility, acceptance, empathy, forgiveness and willingness to be sacred community, not just community.

What matters most in CEM community right now is the sacred in our midst. Let us use our words borne out of thoughtful inner struggle to become lifelines of love, banners of joy, vistas of hope and doves of peace. We need each other to continue the experiences and expressions of sacred community. Let us be a blessing to one another. May the Peace of Christ become flesh through our words and actions.

submitted by Kerry

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