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Friday, October 11, 2013

Church at the Zoo

Why do so many people think that church has to be held within four walls of a church building? Or that inviting someone to church can be a scary thing? Why not think of something you like doing and take church there?? That's exactly what we recently did in the Canada East Mission, we held "Church at the Zoo" and it was an event enjoyed by all who came! 

What a fun event to invite people to experience Christ and the sacredness of creation together! Some who came, attend their local congregations on a regular basis, others had only set foot in a church one or two times in their lives, so what a perfect time it was to introduce our Enduring Principles to them and share examples of using them in everyday life, outside the walls of the church. 

Matt Swain created an exciting scavenger hunt that touched on each enduring principle and made people think about how they can truly live Christ's mission. By the end of the day many new friends where made, many strangers lives had been touched by simple things like thanking them for holding a door, and plenty of pictures were taken! You can even watch the video by clicking on this link.

This will most definitely become an annual event! Hopefully we will see you there next year!

Emily Whitworth
Canada East Mission
Young Adult Leader

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