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Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am a person who is different to the other. I have traits that rub some people the wrong way. I sometimes speak when I should listen. In my life I have hurt people mostly unknowingly but occasionally my actions have been knowingly disrespectful or demeaning. I also somehow in conversation, seem to perceive what was said differently than was intended by the speaker. Sometimes I find myself a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. My theology and principles of faithful practice are honed through my life experience and like all of us unique from others. I am different.

As our community of faith is trying to be inclusive, we become a people of diversity reflecting the uniqueness of each individual. Within this setting of interaction by people who are naturally different in myriad ways, meaningful dialogue is a necessary virtue of our church. Indeed, it becomes the "practice" of our diverse community that nurtures community balance within our midst.

Our diversity is not just a word or label. It names and defines our collective reality. We live community one with another in dialogue that engages the richness of our human virtues to enable us to love our neighbours as ourselves, acknowledging our inherent differences as simply differences. To the "other" we reflect differences reciprocally and equally, mirroring diversity. We are the other. Our mosaic is a blessing of understanding through meaningful dialogue; the medium of discourse of seeing through each others eyes. Our dialogue is sacred. It is the constant, the practice, the means that enables progress in our becoming a people who hold up peace to the world. Our dialogue is a transition catalyst that transforms our me/you, we/they mindset into neighbourly community where peace names and defines our relationships.

As we intentionally and prayerfully participate together in conversation each different to the other, our dialogue becomes sacred and then through the grace of God, from the outside looking in, the world about us can see and say, "Look they live:

·         Unity in Diversity

·         Peace within Diversity

·         Mission in Diversity

Let us recognize sacred community cannot and does not exist without diversity or dialogue. Let our daily dialogue bless our coming together to create a harmonious blending of our differences.

Posted by Kerry

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