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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Community of Christ has a and wonderful tradition of summer reunions at our various campgrounds.  The idea of coming together to camp in a safe and happy, family-friendly environment to relax, play, swim and worship is a proven blessing to countless people and our community.  Generation after generation of people have participated, often first as children, then as young adults, parents and grandparents.  It is a wonderful time that draws us back again and again. 

In recent years, while those with camping equipment still look forward to using it as a cost-effective way to draw close to nature and participate in the reunion, many campgrounds have also developed facilities for people who cannot or do not wish to sleep in a tent or trailer.  Dormitory facilities are often available and indoor cooking conveniences have also been provided.  Most reunions also provide full-meals in the dining hall once, twice or three times a day.

While sharing in a family camp environment is fun and relaxing, it is not just about camping or a reasonably priced summer holiday.  What draws people back again and again is the opportunity for spiritual renewal.  Inside each of us is a perpetual longing for God, and reunion has proven to be a wonderful place to address that longing.  At reunion we have the chance to meet and get to know guest ministers, many of whom have wide experience accumulated around the world.  It is often sharing with these ministers that speaks to us, renewing and refreshing our souls.  

Canada East Mission is blessed with an abundance of reunions or “family camps” you can attend.    The following is a list of dates and locations.

Reunion Name
June 29 – July 5
Loaves and Fishes Reunion
Ziontario Campground
July 6 - 12
McGowan’s Lake Family Camp
McGowan’s Lake Campground
July 13-20
Contemporary Christian Ministries (CCM) Family Camp
Erie Beach Campground
July 27 - Aug. 2
Healing and Freeing the Spirit Family Camp
Ziontario Campgrounds
July 27 – Aug. 4
Erie Beach Family Camp
Erie Beach Campground
Aug. 10 - 17
Noronto Family Camp
Noronto Reunion Grounds

For more information on any or all of these reunion opportunities, please contact the Canada East Mission office.  The office can be reached via email at or by phone at 519-822-4150.

So here’s to fun and relaxation in a safe, family-friendly environment.  Why not join new or old friends there?

 Have a great summer.

Posted by Carman

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