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Monday, July 15, 2013


On Sunday I picked Rod McLean up just after 5am and we embarked on out 4 hr drive to McGowan’s Lake for the opening Sunday of reunion. From one perspective if I was to look back and say, I drove 8 hrs and it poured rain the entire day I would think this might have been a wasted day. But in hindsight this one day blessed me in innumerable ways. In my upcoming CEM role which brings me into relationship with all CEM congregations, I am consciously most observant, most sensitive, most prayerful as I am present with and interact within our sacred community gatherings. You individually touch my life. From the very moment of arrival when the gracious McCurdy’s immediately invited us for dinner with them that evening we were embraced by a people living the spirit of reunion, mindful of “being” community, affirming within their relationships this experienced sacredness.

There was within my consciousness a powerful epiphany that I became aware of in one moment of heartfelt song that our collective mutuality was raised as an unspoken prayer and at the same time there was a receiving of the Spirit confirming the rightness and unification of our hearts, minds and souls. Would you not drive 8 hours for such an affirmation that God is entering our lives and sacramental realities of community are ours to experience.

I have more reunions to visit this summer and so can you. Please decide to attend reunion at least one day, to have faith that this will be a life changing experience in your life. Go with expectation; recognize this community experience is a safe place to both offer yourself in prayerful friendship and willingly receive the offered prayerful friendship of another. Your children, your grandchildren will forever remember one day at reunion and the fun times, the shared meals, the songs, sports and presence of joy. One day is easy to make happen. It just takes a decisive moment to say why not! Invite another to bless their life, to provide comfort in your initial moments of insecurity upon arrival. Reunion is a place of hospitality, a place of expectant welcoming. You won’t want to leave and the following day I invite you to write as I, the feelings and blessings of that one day which brought new awareness into your life. God Bless and see you at Reunion!    

Posted by Kerry Richards

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