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Thursday, July 11, 2013


The following is a copy of my “Rule of Life” which I worked on during the recent staff spiritual retreat.

FIASCO Rule of Life

By the power of God, I will strive to keep the following FIASCO Rule of Life from this day forward:

Uphold good nutrition & well-being as my new spiritual practice. Eat one meal a day prayerfully, as if it was my last meal. Plan to share a meal with a friends each week.
Create a moment for prayer for people & concerns every day involving my own developed ritual. With Irina, schedule a time weekly to pray and reflect with each other about our concerns together.
Explore new disciplines regularly, strive to deepen existing ones, and do both of these with creativity & joy.
Hang out a little time each day to read from Scripture.
Seek out companions & mentors who are dedicated to spiritual practice to share with and learn from.
Take regular retreats into nature to meet the divine with all my senses.

Fiasco: a complete and ignominious failure.

Matthew Swain
Church Planter/Pastor

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