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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In a previous post entitled Walk-Ins, we discussed the phenomenon of people coming to church unexpectedly and simply walking in off the street. We discussed the concept of brand loyalty in religion which now seems to be outdated. Since writing that article, I have hear of more of this activity and wonder if it might be a trend.  The following are some additional thoughts on the subject.

In our day, a person looking for a church is much less likely to ask if there is a local congregation like the one they grew up in. Instead the questions are likely to be based on their own desires or needs. The following are a few questions such a person might ask themselves, their neighbours or their co-workers.
  • Is this church friendly?
  • Will I be welcome there?
  • Will I find a spiritual home?
  • Will attending this church help me find and connect with God?
  • Will going to church here help me make sense of my life?
If the person is a parent, the questions become much more important.
  • Is this church child-friendly, or will my children be welcome here?
  • Is this place safe for my children?
  • If there is a nursery, is it clean, modern and well stocked with safe supplies?
  • Can I trust he people who staff the nursery?
  • Is there a Sunday School, and what will be taught to my child?

Are we ready for people to walk in off the street? How do we know if we are ready? How can we let people know that they are welcome to just walk in? If this topic interests you, watch for future posts to What's the Good Word. I may have a few more thoughts on the subject.

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