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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I’m following with interest today (Monday) a conversation on my nephew’s facebook page about his grandpa’s legendary prowess as a typist. Grandpa Trueblood was known as an amazing typist. On his old Underwood Standard he was known to slam out a hundred and twenty words per minute! Dave wonders early on if such a speed is even possible. “It seems super-human” he opines. But testimony follows declaring it possible. Such speeds have been recorded. One friend claims the speed for herself in grade eleven typing class. (She doesn’t reveal whether or not she had the benefit of electricity.)

Eventually Dave’s own mother, daughter of the legend himself, enters the conversation and swears to its validity. The legend is true! Today’s conversation began, not about typing, but about Grandpa T’s one hundredth birthday. His legendary status depends on much more than his professional abilities. He was a true "man of faith."

This weekend many of us may have sat around the family table together, perhaps in a rare occasion to be together and share those family legends. Thanksgiving does tend to be celebrated with an extended family dinner. There are others as well and we can all recount our experiences at weddings, funerals, congregational anniversaries. It’s at these times we bring out our legends, share our stories together. This is so important to helping us remember who we are and what we value.

Carman recently wrote his thoughts about our community’s giants. I love the picture the Wiarton congregation shared of their Thanksgiving service. (Find them on facebook.) Several “living legends” are pictured there. But let us not forget the other part of this whole concept. There was a day when those gray heads were young. They were once the little ones in the front row.

At what point does one become a “legend”?

A blogging pastor I occasionally follow speaks about a “man of faith” or “woman of faith” this way:
When we describe someone as a “woman of faith” or a “man of faith,” we mean more than the ability to articulate beliefs. We are describing how they walk through this world. We are describing how they go to work, how they behave in relationships, how they use their time, how they spend their money, how they get through each day, how they live their lives with all of the questions and all of the stresses that all of us have. Faith is not necessarily being sure where you are going, but going anyway.

(Read the rest of her sermon here if you like.)

We’re all of us on a faith walk. We’re walking together creating new legends as we go. I love watching you and seeing you being new legends. And I love telling those stories. I invite you to join me in the watching and in the sharing of the stories.

I am convinced that not only are we standing on the shoulders of giants, we are walking among legends! Here’s your assignment: watch for the emerging legends around you and then find a way to share their stories. That’s the good word for today.

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