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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Today, Monday, is Thanksgiving day but most of you will probably not see this until Tuesday. That is okay, I am actually preparing the post on Sunday, and only anticipating that it will be Monday or Tuesday. (If that confuses you, just wait until you figure out that most of it was actually written a year ago!)

I confess that I am wondering how many people will not have family or friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year. Is there someone I personally know who will be alone, and as my friend Bryce Taylor would say, living on "tea and toast"? Our home will be full of family and friends, but there is always room for one more, and they would be most welcome. I suspect you feel the same.

On a personal note, a year ago one member of our extended family who serves in the Canadian Forces had Thanksgiving in Afghanistan. This year he is home, and we are very grateful. Still, many are not. Lets spare a thought or a prayer for them today.

What follows is the post from October 12, 2010, which was the day after Canadian Thanksgiving last year. When I looked back, I rather enjoyed reading it again, and The Gobble Song still makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Thanksgiving, or if this is Tuesday, Happy Thanksgiving plus one.

1. The gurgling sound made by a male turkey.
2. To devour in greedy gulps.

Canadian Thanksgiving is over. The hours of stuffing and cooking the turkey, making the cranberry sauce, peeling the potatoes and turnip, baking the pumpkin pies and whipping the cream are done. The meal has been eaten and the family has left for home. The house that bulged with the sounds of eighteen people talking and playing is now strangely quiet. The only sounds are the keys on my computer and the quiet splash of the dishwasher doing the last load of dishes for the evening. Ah bliss!

Despite good intentions about not overeating, my waistband feels a little snug at the moment. It must have been the fact that there were four different desserts on offer, and I knew I would be asked my opinion on at least three of them! I am happy to report that regular pumpkin pie with a healthy dose of spice and a dollop of whipped cream is still far superior to cream-cheese pumpkin pie. I can further opine that apple crisp made without wheat flour should only be eaten by people who are wheat intolerant. They will be very thankful for a dessert they can safely eat. The rest of us should stick to regular apple crisp!

All in all, today was a good day at our house. We have greeted each other, talked, laughed, eaten, enjoyed the children, and even celebrated three October birthdays while we were at it. Now we have sent everyone safely on their way home to bed. No better day than that!

Now, so that we don’t forget how and what we gobbled too soon, click on the following link for a very cute You Tube video called The Gobble Song.

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