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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Summer is passing quickly. Somehow I knew that would happen, but I am still dismayed at the speed with which these lovely summer days are slipping by. What is the hurry? Summer just began, and already in the fields around the village where I live, the farmers are working on the 2nd cut of hay, the strawberries are over, the wheat has already turned to gold, and the corn…I swear it is growing at the rate of 6 or 8 inches a day! It seems like just last week those corn plants were just two little leaves sticking out of the ground, and now they are already five feet high!

A few days ago in this blog we were talking about the rapidly approaching camping season, and I recall writing that in a mere 13 weeks it would be Labour Day. Now it is a mere six! Summer is passing far too quickly.

At the risk of showing how old I really am, when I was a child, summer days seemed to last forever. I can recall being about three, and playing outside day after day. Then there seemed to be no end to summers but now they pass so quickly.

Of course buried in that statement lies the truth. When I was a child, I played outside, day after day with no other demands. Now the opportunity to play at all seems so illusive. And therein lies the problem.

It occurs to me that Jesus would not waste his entire summer on work. I can’t imagine it, can you? Somehow I see him saying to the disciples, ‘Lets go down the park and play some ball today, or maybe go for a swim.’ After all, does Matthew not tell us that Jesus actually moved and made his home in Capernaum by the sea (Matthew 4:13)? So what is with all this constant working anyway?

I hope you are able to take some time to enjoy your summer. You need to visit with friends, meet some new people, feel the sun on your face and smell the roses. You may as well; the work will still be there.

And if you need still further incentive, Let me remind you that December 1st is now only 19 weeks away.

Posted by Carman

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