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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We've talked before about the various different "kinds" of people there are in our amazing and diverse world. Cat people and dog people, tea people and coffee people, introverts and extroverts--the categories could go on and on. It occurred to me yesterday that there are people who like jigsaw puzzles and those who don't.

I spent the day yesterday with the fifty or so folks who are this week enjoying the Healing and Freeing the Spirit experience at Ziontario. One feature of that gathering is always a table set up, right in the middle of things, with one of those lovely giant jigsaw puzzles in process. Any time during the week, day or night, before and after and even while classes or activities are ongoing, one or more heads will be bent over that table working on the puzzle. As one is completed someone pulls out another. Why, they've even been known to call home to have a visitor for the day bring an especially challenging one along. "The one we're on now will be done by tonight!"

I wonder why there seems to be an inordinate number of jigsaw puzzle lovers who attend this otherwise small reunion? Could it be that these are people who've already spent a good part of their lives thinking about healing and wholeness? The classes are generally led by folks who've already overcome some need in their own life to put things together, to consider what contributes to good health and wellness. They're open to exploring interesting and non-traditional, new or ancient, methods and techniques. They try to keep their minds and hearts open to the wonderful ways their bodies, minds and spirits have been created and search for balance and sustainable life practices.

Just as they'll ensure the kitchen is turning out healthy food for all (Great job there Robert and team!), and remind each other to pick up things that could be recycled and not mar Mother Earth's lovely face. They share tips for small space gardening and eating locally and reading scripture in ways that lift the spirit. Even the harmonious sharing of the cleanup duties feels perfect.

No wonder they are happy to pore over a 1000 piece puzzle, sharing the task of getting all those pieces put together; morning people collaborate with night owls until the last hole is filled and everyone takes satisfaction in a job well done. One more picture comes together from a pile of jagged pieces.

Posted by Marion

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