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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today we salute our readers who’ve followed us faithfully to our 500th blog post! We thought it appropriate to acknowledge you out there with whom we’ve been carrying on this “What’s the Good Word” conversation every weekday for almost two years. Thank You!

You thank us; you offer your insights; you share information; you ask good questions; you surprise us daily. Here are some selections from your side of that ongoing conversation.

Betty: The blog helps inspire me to move on “How can we be more mission-oriented?” I’m going to invite friends to a meal and talk about this.

Butterfly: May the Barrie congregation continue to bloom and grow.

Anonymous: Society’s pull is strong. But so is the call to Mission. What will we choose to reflect?

Mel: You are the ultimate hardware store—thanks for all the tools you share.

Walrus: Check out the Amplified Bible…download lots of versions to blackberries and smart phones…

Kris: Learning to share our voice and invitation in ways authentic yet respectful is needed. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous: Your blog helped me resolve an issue that is bothering me. I’ve been having trouble putting into words how much I love the present church even though it is different from the one I joined 65 years ago. I have followed its evolving and welcomed each change as “more light and truth breaks from the word.” Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom.

MM: I lived in Malaysia…and remember the Muslim calls to prayer…always reminded me of praying and thanking God. We might all be better off if we were reminded five times a day to thank God for all his grace and goodness.

Steve: You do know that Born to Be Wild isn’t about a car trip, right?

Betty: I felt like I just wanted to eat up your great words of counsel…

Kathy: I am prompted to “polish the apples” as I see students I care for.

Carole: God is often in church, but he is very accessible in his beautiful creation.

Marilyn: Oh yes, mountains are sacred space.

Bewarethechicken: Celtic metaphor instructs that the veil between heaven and earth is three feet thick, but in certain places and times there are thin places where we are particularly close to God.

Arlene: Thanks for the link to Steve Veazey’s blog.

Shirley: The call to pastor cannot be denied. The call not to be pastor may be harder to discern.

John: There are times when “no” is the most appropriate answer.

Jan/Stacie wrote about “personal seating” in church. Shirley and Chick shared favourite scriptures from Romans. Kyle shared his story of going back to school and the next phase of his spiritual journey in response to “10,000 steps.”

Dave offered the UU’s on-line contact for non-attenders in response to our “post congregational” conversation. Anne hopes never to lose “real” books. Cathy and Matt both hope to keep their pastoral eye on true vision and passion. Irina shared her Russian eye on our concept of “busy.” And on, and on.

Once again we salute you all who continue to read, comment, engage in and consider our blog thoughts. Two others who regularly add Comments to the Blog—

Carman: Thanks Marion

Marion: Thank you too Carman.

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  1. Thanks Carman and Marion for your kind words to your readers. And thank you both for being out front leading the way for us.


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