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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Merrie Bande

Somewhere along the line, our fine group of Bishops in CEM got dubbed the Merrie Bande, or more properly, the Merrie Bande of Bishops. The title is appropriate. From time to time, they have also laughingly been referred to as “the pointy hat people”. Further, since two of their members began their spiritual journey in the Catholic church before migrating to Community of Christ, they are sometimes referred to as the “former Catholic Bishops.” As you can see, this group knows how to have fun when they are together.

Some people have a stereotypical image of Bishops as this group of staid, boring, bean counters, but when our group comes together, you see a very different picture. What you see is a group of ministers with a heart for helping people. Each has their own specialty, or in other words, each has different gifts. One has specialized in oblation assistance. Another is an expert at financial records. One or more has a passion for Good $ense ministry, and so on. They are a wonderful asset to our mission centre, and a great resource to our people.

Today (Wednesday) the Merrie Bande comes together to discuss another aspect of their role in our collective mission. Together we will discuss the Mission Initiatives President Veazey recently opened to the church, and how the Bishops can help the church be about the task. We will discuss how to use some new tools the church has provided, and ways of sharing those with you, the church.

I am looking forward to this day, not because the Merrie Bande will laugh together although they will. I am excited because this wonderful group of people with a heart for ministry and a specialized calling will get new tools with which to minister. What a wonderful thing to anticipate. Its going to be a beautiful day.

Posted by Carman

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