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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I’ve been busy packing books to send off the various reunions. While it is a bit of a chore, it is also a pleasant chore. It’s nice to handle all these great books that I’m sending off to be discovered by all my friends, the “book people” who shop at the book tables every summer.

This is one more of those “last times I’ll be doing this” things that are occurring in my life as I count down to October when I will be leaving the job. It is true. I will not be doing this next summer! Let this be your warning. If you are one of my “book people”—and you know who you are—please consider this your last call. Take a good look over the selection I’m sending you. If you want that book, grab it now.

The shelves are nearly empty now as each full bin has been sent off for all you eager readers at Mcgowan’s Lake, Ziontario, Noronto and Erie Beach. A big Thank You goes out to Mel Kelley, Connie Heath and Mel Dupuis who faithfully unpack and repack and chat about the books each summer. One thing we’ve learned about your and from you is that folks who love books also love to talk about books. I hope you find plenty to chat about in this year’s collection. And I hope you buy them all so I don’t have to find other ways to clear them off these shelves. Let me challenge you to empty those tables by the end of the week. Who can do the best job?

People always ask me “Have you read all these books?”

The answer is, of course, “No.”

But they are all books that I would read. I have read many of them. And if I haven’t read the whole book I’ve read some essential parts of it. I’ve checked out the covers and the prefaces and likely the first couple of chapters. I’ve checked out the Table of Contents and any parts that look like they may have something good to say or some useful tips for things I know you’re doing or working on or might need some pointers about. I’m careful to send you works by authors I know or publishers I trust. If it’s on my table you may be assured that it won’t lead you astray.

Now you may have some work to do. You’ll need to adapt or reflect about or even pull a group of friends together to discuss or discern how this book is trying to reach you. It might be trying to stretch you or intrigue you or challenge you. It may be something you’ll look over quickly and reject, or it may be something you’ll put on a shelf and come back to again and again. I hope so.

For right now, all the packing is done. Treasure boxes of books are making their way to a reunion book table near you. Make me proud. Empty those tables and enjoy what you find there.

Posted by Marion


  1. Truly the end of an era. Sure we will miss the books Marion. But more than that we will miss your wit, wisdom and example.

  2. aw shucks, thanks Steve :-)
    But don't stop reading!!!


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