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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There is a certain sense of acceleration in the air at this time of year, and I am not talking about the tree pollen that makes my nose run. It seems like we’ve been waiting for spring for months, and now it is here. The trees are leafing out, the birds are building or sitting on their nests, and the flowers are blooming. Occasionally we may even see the sun between the rain showers.

The acceleration I am sensing, however, is not really related to the weather or the greening of the countryside. It is something that happens every spring. Preparation and planning has been going on for months but now everyone is picking up the pace. I am talking about the quickening rate of preparation for the camping and reunion season.

I see the urgent emails, hear the worried comments, and share the same sense of anxiety. Camp ground boards are busy making changes and improvements to their facilities, and the camping commission is making sure the word is out on the new Skills and Leadership Weekend. Directors are frantically trying to recruit staff to fill those few remaining vacancies. Worship planners are trying to envision every aspect of their services and prayerfully seeking the right person to offer that prayer or sing that solo. Busy guest ministers are trying to get class material prepared, and worrying about what the can offer in the way of ministry that will meet people’s needs and strengthen the church.

Of course the problem is not just preparing for a summer of ministry. The problem is all the regular work that still needs to get done while you prepare! As May draws near its close, we frantically count the weekends in June, desperately trying to see if there are any days that can be protected so we can read the books we need to brush up on, write class material, prepare sermons, or even have a day just to breathe. Before we know it, July will be upon us, and the busy summer will have begun.

Yes, there is a sense of acceleration in the air these days as we anticipate and prepare for our many family camps, youth camps and summer retreats. The normally busy pace has become downright hectic as we grapple with the tasks that are ours. But here’s the thing about all that: in 13 weeks the camps and reunions will all be over. In 15 weeks the children will be back in school! Its true folks, you can count the weeks for yourself.

The point is that while we are each frantically trying to get ready for the important season of ministry, we need to remember that this season always passes too quickly. Summer will come and go, and when it is gone it can never be recovered. So in the midst of your accelerated pace of work and preparation, please remember to take some time each day to enjoy this season we have all looked forward to. Smell the roses now folks; they do not bloom in January.

Posted by Carman

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