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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I had a little "computer sabbath" this morning. My computer would not start up! It got itself into a loop of starting and stopping; so I shut down and called the tech guy to rescue me.

Then I had to decide what to do for an unknown period of being off-line! So I picked up the reunion text Vulnerable to Grace and started to read, beginning with the Preface.

Three hours later I'm on page 26 and have had a wonderful period of going deeper with author Danny Belrose and my highlighter and some quiet time. This book has been on my desk for several weeks and I've skimmed through it on different occasions, but because I've not had the responsibility to teach the text yet I fear I've missed many of the precious nuggets that are there for the finding.

If you haven't fully explored Vulnerable to Grace by all means find yourself a quiet time and place and begin what is potentially a truly great treasure hunt.

(Now as you can tell, I am re-connected and must get back to work, refreshed from a morning of deep reflection.)

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