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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've been carrying this newspaper clipping around for years now. I really, really liked it when I first read it, clipped it and thought someday I'd use it in a sermon or something. It's taped inside the cover of one of my favourite journals and I still look at it often.

Annual Drayton Bike Blessing for motorcycle enthusiasts, 1 p.m., Drayton Arena parking lot. Prayer of blessing for personal safety and a safe riding season. Rev. Jeff McCracken of Drayton/Glen Allan United Churches will officiate; all motorcyclists are welcome -- no restrictions on makes of bikes or riders' beliefs. Free will offering, proceeds to Drayton Drop-In Centre.

I was really happy to hear about the La Salle Road congregation's first biker blessing day earlier this summer! Maybe Mike or someone who was there will share about their experience sometime.

When I think of the admonition we've had to consider "what matters most" I feel like the Drayton folk and the LaSalle folk are onto something. After all, why should the make of my bike matter?


  1. As a co-rider (a passenger) on a bike (or I should say a trike because our 'bike' has three wheels!) for almost 70,000 km over the past several years, I have to say that 'you meet the nicest people' on motorcycles. Our travels have taken us to places like Florida, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Michigan, Wyoming, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, (just to name a few of the States we've travelled) as well as all across Canada except Newfoundland.
    We've even been to the huge biking events in Sturgis and Daytona and Port Dover where our Honda Goldwing was certainly in the minority among all of the 'Harleys'!
    We've made great friends within both the Gold Wing Riders Association, and the Christian Motorcycle Association, and occasionally bike with a group from a Pentacostal church in the London area.
    The make of the bike doesn't matter ... what matters most is the friendship and comraderie of the drivers. It's like belonging to a family.
    Next time you're driving in your car and you see two bikes meet each other on the road, just notice how the drivers wave at each other.
    Bikers do great things for other bikers and non-bikers alike. We participate in lots of charity runs like the Ride for Dad (Prostrate Cancer) or Toy Rides (for Children's Charities) or the Ride for Sight -- and most of these runs begin with a 'blessing of the bikes' for a safe ride.
    Next time you see a motorcycle on the road, give us a thumbs up, give us some space, and drive safe!

  2. Wow! Thanks for your comments Lois. It's great to hear from a "practitioner."

    Now if I can just get a "knitter" to sign in.


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