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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


If you've seen me around in congregations, at workshops, wherever, you might have noticed I'm pretty well always carrying a notebook. Usually a little spiral journal with a nice cover and a really good gel pen tucked in the spine.

I started carrying a journal a few years ago and can't really be without one now. I do not write daily entries--although that' s not a bad thing to do; I just never got into that practice.

My journal practice is more like this. I write notes there if I'm listening to a speaker, or the radio, or even just eaves-dropping at Timmy's or eating lunch alone in a restaurant. I record bits that I may later incorporate in sermons or classes or a poem or short story I'm writing.

But a big way I use my journals is long after the fact. If I'm off on an assignment Iusually pluck an old journal off the shelf and bring it along. Because I go back and search for treasure in those journals.

This morning I've been reading from a book I started in April, 2001! In there I've found quotations from Grant McMurray, Danny Belrose and Brian Wren (from a Worship seminar).

There are notes for the wedding ceremony of nephew Dave and his bride Erin--some wonderful insights about stones. Today I can picture the great little family established on that solid stone foundation.

I find the past casts insight over the present; words recorded long ago are somehow even more relevant today. I don't claim anything magical about it. It's just interesting and helps my focus
I love my journals. I mine them for wisdom and ideas. I expect you'll be reading from them here in this blog.

What about you? Anything to share about your journal practice?


  1. I remember your journal well, and our conversation that contributed to it...

    I've always wanted to keep a journal, and have tried many times. I have stacks and stacks of notebooks I have used for work that I wouldn't consider journals.

    Every now and again, I buy myself a nice notebook and dedicate it as a journal. I have several nice notebooks with 3 or four pages of writing and notes in the front, and lots of kid doodles filling the rest of the pages.

    I thought blogging would be like a journal, but one tends to write differently when you expect others to read it.

  2. Oh yes WW, I did that for years as well. Then I just stopped "constraining" myself. I don't differentiate what gets written in there. I write work stuff, non work stuff -- whatever that means, since my life doesn't separate well into those categories. I stopped worrying about "spoiling" this pretty notebook and wrote any old thing in there.

    And now, years later, I have all these wonderful resources I go back to for ideas, inspiration, and even a chuckle over a grocery list or set of directions to someplace I'd forgotten I went.

  3. I had a friend in high school whose journal was nothing more than just the bare points of what he did that day.

    -alarm 6am.
    -breakfast cheerios.
    -skipped shower (running late)

    Most days were identical but for one or two points. I always found it amazing how he could look back and have near complete recall of any day because he had kept track of life so well.

  4. Similarly I know of a gentleman who every day records the weather in his small personal planner. He has years of them; fine weather detail recorded meticulously in his tiny writing to fit into the little spaces.

    What an interesting "meditation"!


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