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Monday, July 27, 2009


I’ve just been reading a blog about what goes on in our sanctuaries in the “between-times”; that is, those times when we’re not in there using them for worship. Some pretty creative suggestions for serving the needy are offered.

It reminded me of the shocked and amazed reaction by some of the world church folk in Independence in a non-conference time. Walking around with our local guide these members from India and Haiti kept asking how all this space was used during the rest of the year.

“How many congregations meet here” one of the Haitians inquired about the Auditorium. And the Indian lady wanted to know how many and what types of classes were being held in all these wonderful Temple classrooms. You could see her imagining setting up sewing machines and neonatal care clinics.

So I’m thinking of some of the great spaces in our various facilities and wondering what ministries are flowing out “like rivers of blessing” into all the communities where we’re represented.

What are your ideas? And what examples can you share that you’ve heard of or been involved with?

Meanwhile, congratulations to Providence Bay who just received a Shaw grant to renovate their kitchen and downstairs meeting space to keep up their great community services. And to Corinth, who recently completed a fabulous kitchen reno to keep serving those great meals and providing space for other community get-togethers.

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