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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You might have noticed the Blog I recently quoted about how we use our space also talked of bringing coffee into the sanctuary.

I’ve had two very recent encounters in coffee shops. One was with our new young adult led church plant “Fired Up.” That conversation was about “bringing in your coffee (water bottle, whatever) IN to church (worship, fellowship, whatever) with you as a matter of course.”

Totally intriguing snippets of opinions being shared in both these places.

What are your thoughts? Yes or No? Drinks in the pews or no?

One person said “you don’t want my coffee? You don’t want me.” Now that’s pretty strong. What do YOU say?


  1. I say no to coffee in the sanctuary during a church service. It is a distraction that is not needed.

  2. i say, what's the difference? it it makes folks comfortable and willing to come to church, who cares?

  3. Coffee is for the social hour before or after the church service. Hot coffee or tea for that matter can be dangerous when you're trying to manage the hymn book or reading something. Spills could lead to serious burns. Any kind of coffee especially with cream and sugar in it will leave a nasty stain on any carpeted surface.

  4. My Branch has a Social Coffee Time for 1/2 hour between Sunday School & the Service. Some of us finish our drinks during the service. So far there hasn't been any spills. The speakers often drink water during their talk. Now they can bring coffee, tea or juice, if they choose. We use lovely 100th Anniversary mugs that commemorate our branches history.

  5. Agree with john. What's the big deal?

    Next thing you know we'll be banning little zip-loc baggies of cheerios. Whatever keeps the big and little mouths happy so people can hear what's going on is alright by me.

  6. I remember when it was no pants for women in church, no jeans either,(I caused my first argument with my fiance over no jeans at church in the 70's, only white shirts for men. I began with jeans when my kids were in Sunday a.m. hockey, and we went straight to church after, I thanked the traditional people for accepting as I came, so I could come. I have always brought my water into church, so, coffee, tea? No sweat, not as dangerous as no filled pews on Sunday morning. I say bring it on!

  7. I can understand water. But I realy don't think coffee or tea is appropriate.


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