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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is This Your Time?

I have heard many of you say over the last several years that you would really like to attend Encounter World Religions’ summer program…sometime.  Normally by April the July week-long experience is already fully booked, however, perhaps fortunately for you, this year that is not the case.  Maybe this year is your opportunity.

To find a link to Encounter’s website click here.   You will also find a short radio interview featuring Brian Carwana from last summer.   At the bottom you will also find this year’s flyer, schedule and registration form.

Joan and I have taken this amazing journey and we highly recommend it.  In a sense, it is like a one week trip around the world without leaving the safety and security of your home country. Without a doubt, it will be the most enjoyable and memorable thing you do all summer, guaranteed!

Is this your year?  I hope so.  Whether you go or not, why not pass this information along to friends or others you know who could benefit from this incredible experience?  They will be so glad you did.

Posted by Carman

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