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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Generosity Ministries

I changed the title on my email signature and business cards to Generosity Ministries from Financial Officer.  I made this change primarily because of how I identify with my role. First, I view what I do as ministry. As an ordained High Priest my work, even the administrative and financial tasks are an extension of this ministry. Secondly, generosity portrays the nature of my ministry. I strive to be a minister of grace and to be a catalyst of grace in the lives of people. Generosity flows both directions…….from my work as an advocate of grace and generosity on behalf of the Mission Centre and as one who receives the generous gifts of others.

In the IV of Genesis, Abram upon victoriously saving his nephew Lot and his family from captivity, humbly celebrated by paying homage to God’s High Priest, a prince of Peace in the city of Salem whose name was Melchezideck. This emphasis upon peace is significant in a warring land of tribal conflict. Melchezideck was a minister of peace. To be a bearer of peace is to be a bridge linking vulnerabilities disguised within egos; a catalyst creating encounters of healing grace with the Divine. When Abram came to Melchezideck, Abram received a blessing of grace in a moment sanctified by Melchezideck sharing bread and wine which was blessed and then given to Abram. Further, in response to this blessing Abram offered his gifts to Melchezideck. Even as Melchezideck had given a blessing of grace he was also a receiver of Abram’s generosity.

The full scope of the generosity ministries of a High Priest includes receiving the gifts of persons. I, in my role am called to see persons as gifted and to find ways for those gifts to be offered up and to be received with graciousness and joy. Giftedness may exist as potential and possibility, or it can be nurtured and actualized. Giftedness is not a gift until it is offered up. Our gifts have a potential of abundant capacity. Discovering the full capacity of our giftedness within our lives is a blessing. We are called to give of our true capacity in response to God’s grace in our lives. That is giving our best.

Generosity ministries engage lives, intersect and intertwine people. Where one is gifted another is needful. Where capacity is unrealized, grace is nurtured in order that compelling generosity may be joyously offered up. The Spirit abounds in generosity. I have shared numerous times in this blog how grace has touched my life which enables me to proclaim, “how can I keep from giving” My prayer is that I may minister in your lives to draw out your giftedness, to engage your giftedness, to bless the lives our sacred community with your giftedness. May your giftedness build bridges of peace.

Submitted by Kerry

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